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Parte 1

Praise of Uncertainty — Part 2

Productivity and efficiency, a quick summary.

Praise of Uncertainty — Part 1

Perchè scegliere Clockbeats

Leadership lessons from my sailing journey across the Atlantic, following Columbus route.

Sailing journal: February 3rd 2017, somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean.

Design thinking

What is the secret to grow your plays on Spotify?

Being Spotify the new trend to promote your music and make money with your songs, the secret to the success is quickly revealed: add your songs to a strong playlist that matches your music genre!

In this article I will show you how to use SpotiMatch:

  • How to match a playlist 🔥
  • How to read the SpotiMatch results 🤓
  • How to submit your track to playlists 🚀
  • How to see…

Julio’s profile on Jan 14 2019 — click here to see his profile

Every day, Julio Del Mar entertains his followers with a new post, that he creates by himself, on his Instagram account.

How does it work?

8 FREE Instagram tools for your New Business

1. Do your own design with [Canva]

Nicolò Mantini

💨 Nothing to Declare ✨ 🧙

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